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Bathroom Hairbow holders

We’ve lived here for just over 2 1/2 years and our house is finally starting to look like it’s actually our house!  Last week, we had the girls’ room, kids’ bathroom, and the guest room painted.  The kids’ bathroom is now a light gray and the towels and accessories are focusing on yellow, blue, and orange.  I had pinned similar handprints on small canvases ages ago and was inspired to make them for our bathroom last week.  All three of the kiddos enjoyed the project and I think they look adorable. 

In the girls’ room, the walls are now different colors – but the wall behind the door remained yellow.  We were overflowing with hair bows and it was difficult to find what we needed in the mornings.  I showed my MIL a few ideas and she sewed the ribbon and created the holder on the left.  I decided we needed a clippie holder too so I used a frame, scrapbook paper, and ribbon to create the one on the right.  I love being able to see what we have without digging through a drawer! 

If you don’t already, you should follow me on Pinterest!  It’s kind of like the devil – I like so many things and come up with so many “big ideas” but struggle to find the time to do all of them!

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Anna tongue outClara eggBo stickers

The trio and I had a pj day on Good Friday and spent the day lounging, playing, and dying Easter eggs.  We didn’t get fancy with our eggs – I had to create another activity just so they would have a bit of patience to let the eggs get a bit of color!

Dying eggs Eggs

On Saturday morning, we had lots of errands to run and the Easter Bunny finished pulling the kiddos baskets together.  My mom and her friend, Mia, arrived on Saturday evening and the trio was excited to see them.  We grilled hamburgers after the kiddos were in bed and the Easter Bunny left the loot for the kiddos to find in the morning.  photo (3)

Everyone was thrilled with the Easter loot.  The Legos have been a huge hit – and the candy, of course.  Apparently Clara was feeling particularly photogenic over the weekend as I seem to have tons of cute photos of her.

Clara bunny 

After breakfast (I made cinnamon French toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon) we got the kiddos dressed and headed out to hunt for eggs.  I love Clara’s face in the photo of all of them waiting to run out the door!

Heading out to get eggs - Clara's face

Clara Egg HighlightAnna Bo Eggs   Clara and eggsOpening Eggs

Hunting for eggs in the yard was loved by all and they wanted to eat all of the candy immediately. We all got ready and then attempted some photos outdoors.  Our family one isn’t the best – it’s awful actually – but this is pretty much what our life really looks like – slightly crazy! A sitting pose isn’t attractive for any of us… and I have no idea what Bo was doing – he had a Lego piece in his belt loop…

Attempt at a family Easter pic Mike Anna ClaraClara AnnaMia Clara Anna Bo GrammieBo and Grammie

They posed with Mia and Grammie better!  We all went out for lunch at Verucchi’s in Spring Valley before coming home and enjoying the beautiful day outside.  The weather was gorgeous!  We grilled again last night and then watched Cars 2.  Overall, it was a good Easter and I think the kiddos enjoyed it.  Grammie and Mia left yesterday morning and Bo is on Spring Break this week, so who knows what kind of trouble we’ll manage to get ourselves into. 

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Easter Bunny

Anna Bo Clara Easter 2012Anna and Reuben  

Last week, over at Liberating Working Moms, I alluded to pictures with the Easter bunny as one of the many things driving me crazy.  Honestly, it ended up okay if I don’t think about the logistics of getting all three children dressed in their Easter attire and presentable, getting lost on the drive to the studio, and Clara being terrified of the bunny. 🙂 Bo and Anna both loved Rueben and having the opportunity for them to play with the bunny was worth it.  While Bo and Anna were playing with the bunny and chasing it around the studio, Clara was clinging to my hip, flipping out every time the bunny came near her.  The only way we achieved the picture above (the only one containing Clara) was to put the bunny back in his cage and for me to slowly ease out of the photo after starting with her on my lap.  After much conversation, it’s been determined that she is afraid the bunny would eat her toes.  And that is the issue with other animals, including our cats, as well.  I’d like to thank whomever put that notion in her mind!  *insert sarcastic tone* Maybe next year the bunny will appear with them in the photos…


Photos courtesy of Valley Photo.

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This weekend, Grandpa and Grandma came to visit and built a playset for the trio. The playset has been in the works for quite some time – the beginning pieces were purchased last spring – and now it’s a reality. ; Grandpa Jim designed the playset himself and the hope is that other pieces will be added to it over time. ; The trio “helped” most of the weekend and were thrilled with the end result. ; As the building progressed, Anna was determined to be in the middle of it all and ended up taking her shoes off to have enough traction to climb the slide and cause trouble. ; As soon as anything was added, they were playing on it! ;

Playset in progressBo Helping ; Clara Anna serious 2 Clara climbing ; Spyglass Trying out the new slide Clara Weitls working

Thanks for the playset, Grandpa and Grandma!!

photo (1)The current playset, in our side yard. ; The kiddos were worn out last night and filthy as well! ;

If you came by looking for Monday Munchies, I didn’t photograph any recipes this week. ; However, I did try these roasted brussel sprouts and broiled tomatoes from Pinterest and both were great. </

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All the money in the world…

Between the latest book I’ve been reading before bed and the current craze over the Mega Millions jackpot, I’ve found myself daydreaming about how I’d use the money if I had “all the money in the world…”  <I swear I’ve written a post like this before, but I can’t find it, so you’ll have to deal with this one.>  Really, none of my goals are too far out there.  And I wouldn’t tell anyone that I won either!  Here’s the Top Ten things I’d do immediately if I suddenly had all the money in the world:

1. Add an office and deck to our house.  And a new dining room table.  And granite counter tops.  And buy the lot next door.  And maybe build a new house while we’re living in this one.

2. Buy Mike a new car.  I’d probably get a new car too, but I don’t really need one.  Not that I really “need” any of this…

3. Buy a beach house to spend a month in every summer.

4. Donate all of my clothes and start over.

5. Never sell at the resale or have a garage sale again. 

6. Have a tummy tuck.

7. Get a bid for a pool.  (I’m not ready to have one in my yard yet.)

8. Travel more.

9. Pay for our friends’ kids to go to college (this is Mike’s idea – not sure how we’d manage that without telling people we were miraculously rich).

10. Have Mike quit his job to manage our money (and play with the kids) full-time.

Have you bought your lottery ticket?  What would you do with a sudden windfall?

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10 Things I Love About Bo…

Bo and Rueben

10. He has a big heart.  He really cares about others (even though it doesn’t show all the time towards his sisters!) and it’s apparent in his interactions with others.  He loves to have friends over and is more social than I could ever dream to become. 

9. He’s always trying to help and be a big helper.  One of his current favorites is to help me sort laundry.  He loves the color-coded piles.  On Wednesday, I let him sort the laundry himself and he actually did a great job!  He may have a bit of Mike and my house cleanliness OCD.  😉

8. I never know what he’s going to say, but usually it makes me smile.  Last Friday, he was very excited about going to play with the rabbit (his name is Reuben) when we had Easter photos taken. 

7. He’s still my baby.  When he’s sick or tired, he’ll say “Mama! Mama!” and crawl up into my lap.  I’m enjoying those moments as I know they won’t last forever.

6. He’s crafty.  He actually appreciates and enjoys the crazy ideas I come up with to keep us entertained.  He’ll even sit and look at the pictures on Pinterest with me on my phone – and is quick to point out the ideas that he thinks look fun!

5. He likes technology.  His latest iPad craze is Smurf Village – which Mike is now also playing on his phone.  He definitely comes by this love naturally as both Mike and I have always had a technology addiction. He’s made it to level 14!  (And yes,we do limit iPad usage – he has it before 7 in the morning and for an hour in the afternoon.  Otherwise he’d be on it all the time.)

4.  His laugh.  When he gets tickled, it makes me smile just watching him.

3.  His jokes.  He’ll look around the room and make up a joke based on whatever he happens to see.  “Why did the window eat snow?”  “Because the Leprechaun told it to.”

2.  He has style.  It probably says something about me that I trust my 4-year-olds judgment on clothing – but usually he’s right.  🙂

1.  His personality.   He’s four going-on forty.  I think part of this is being the oldest child and having to be a big brother to the girls, but part of it is definitely just who he is.  Luckily, he doesn’t have any of the worries he’ll have when he’s forty.  Except for maybe sorting laundry. 😉

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Snuggle Bugs

Trio in Bo's bed 3 Trio in Bo's bed Trio in Bo's bed 2

After I took my shower on Sunday morning, this is where I found the trio.  The girls took their blankets and bedspreads off their bed and were all curled up in Bo’s bed together listening to a story on CD.  Many days, I question how we ended up with three children but little moments like this remind me that it will all be worthwhile, because they have each other.

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